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Turop Norge AS (Ltd)                                                                        

is a smaller, private owned Tour Operator and Travel Agency.

Established in 1993 - 30 years in operation under same ownership and organization.

Our plans for the near future:  Go ahead same way.




Turop Norge AS (Ltd) Tour Operator and Travel Agency is a smaller company with office in Mandal, Norway.

We buy services from hotels and other accommodation suppliers, transportation companies and many other kinds of travel related services throughout Europe and rest of the world.

Most of our business partners have knowledge to our company from previous co-operation, but as we work on a very wide scale of travel trade products and in many countries, there will always come up new business partners that do not know our company from before.
The following information is for them.

Turop Norge AS (Ltd) was established in November 1993.
The company is private owned 100 % by Stig Bohne who is also acting as man.dir.

Man.dir. Stig Bohne has his travel trade background from the following Norwegian companies:
1980-1982  Folkeferie/Trolltur Bergen (Travel Agency and Tour Operator).  Tour Operation responsible.
1982-1987  HSD Reiser Bergen (Tour Operator).  Gen. mngr.
1987-1989  Tourist Information Office Mandal.  Gen. mngr.
1989-1991  Farmand Bussreiser Tønsberg (Tour Operator).  Gen. mngr.
1991-1993  Sola Ruten Sandnes (Tour Operator).  Tour Operation responsible.
From 1993 Turop Norge AS Mandal.  Owner and man.dir.

The share capital is NOK 100.000  (equivalent to approx EUR 9.000).
The company is member of the Norwegian Travel Guaranty Fund and has raised the travel guaranty according to the Norwegian law.

The company annual turnover is small, but the financial situation is stable and good, as is the liquid  resources.
The company is listed in the Norwegian Register of Business Enterprise  with identification NO967966525MVA.  

Our basic strategy versus our business partners is to build up good relations through correct handling of all (financial) agreements.

We do understand if any new partners who do not know us from previous co-operation, act carefully with their own financial exposure and therefore ask us for partial or full prepayment.  We normally act in the same way versus our own new clients.  As long as we are comfortable with the financial situation in the company we do business with, we normally accept partial or full prepayment.

When we transfer payment to our business partners outside Norway, we normally do that as a swift transfer from our Norwegian Bank.

For our company it is of course most important that our business partners follow up all agreed details in service provided when fronting our clients.  The same clients are of course instructed carefully to report back to our office any discrepancies.

In this situation, we are very happy to inform both our business partners and our clients that we until July 2007 (almost 14 years in business) - having not received any single complaint from our clients.  The first complaint however, came to our knowledge mid-July 2007. This is far behind us now, and we do our outmost to avoid any new complaint-situation.

We are of course most comfortable with this situation, except the single complaint from July 2007.   We are very clear with the fact that it had not been so, unless we were very lucky with pointing out our business partners.

For further info, please do not hesitate to contact us.




Turop Norge AS ble stiftet i 1993 og eies 100% av
Stig Bohne som også er selskapets daglige leder.

Turop Norge AS er din spesialist på gruppereiser og betjener alle typer gruppekunder; skole- og studiegrupper, skolekorps, bedrifter, pensjonistforeninger med mer.

Vi skreddersyr deres reise!

Turop Norge AS
Husvollen 30
 N-4517 Mandal  -
 Tlf.: (+47) 918 64 938

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